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Is there a way...


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...to find out the password that I'm using to wirelessly connect to the internet right now?


In my household, two out of the three laptops have succumbed to the Black Screen of Death - both needed to reinstall Windows to resuscitate them but neither has record of the internet connection network key.


This, the final fully functional laptop, clearly has the network key - but it shows only as ********. Any way to deduce it from this laptop?


Any help much appreciated  :no:


EDIT: Thanks for the help, lads. :)

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When you say it shows the network key as ******* do you mean when you go to your connection on your laptop screen or when you log into your router through your browser? Just when I need my wireless key i just log into the router via the browser and go to wireless settings and it's sitting there for me to read.

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