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Rogue Warrior - Includes the best song of all time


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Apparently a very shit game with voice acting from Mickey Rourke..


Metacritic ratings..



1. Xbox 360: Rogue Warrior (2009) 32

Bethesda Softworks


2. PC Games: Rogue Warrior (2009) 25

Bethesda Softworks


3. Playstation 3: Rogue Warrior (2009) 33

Bethesda Softworks


However the end credits song was posted on EG and it's hilarious.. can't beat a bit of Rourke trying to rap... badly with lots of swearing.




"I'm over here fuck face, there's gunna be fucking asses bleeding all over the place" Hilarious :lol::lol: Tempted to pick it up when it hits £5 just for the laughs.

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