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Abu Deraa vs al Zarqawi


Who is the most barabric?  

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  1. 1. Who is the most barabric?

    • Deraa
    • Zarqawi
    • Sunni
    • Shia

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Abu Deraa is the Shia Zarqawi.







- They both love to kill civilians

- They love to mutilate

- They both hate Islamic sects




- Deraa is still alive, Zarqawi is dead.

- Deraa is Shia, recently leaving the Mahdi Army to form his own faction while

Zarqawi was Sunni and head of Al Qaeda in Iraq.

- Deraa loves to kill Sunni's, Zarqawi loved to kill Shia's.

- Deraa prefers the drill, as a Mahdi Army fighter says "His drills destroy the crazy minds of the Sunnis" and dumps his victims in road craters that were the result of Al Qaeda car bombs. While Zarqawi preferred the sword to slowly cut off heads.


There was one group that used to kidnap victims in their cars, plant a bomb in the car without the victim knowing, then release the victim and detonating the bomb remotely when it approached a checkpoint. I can't remember which group it was.


Who needs to watch scary films when reality is much worse?






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Regretfully there are always demented pysopaths who use conflicts as a cover for their vicious cruelty


see the Prot. Butcher Boys in Belfast in the 70's; some parts of the PKI  in Java in 1966, Pol Pot's lads, the Mau-Mau and currently loons like the LRA in E Africa







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