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XP login problem

Liam Liam Liam O

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Can anyone help with this.


We've got 2 user accounts on the laptop, and now when I log into mine it accepts my password as normal but then doesn't go to my desktop or account, it logs into an empty profile with my name on it.  My new desktop is blank apart from a few icons (the usual Microsoft ones Internet explorer, mediaplayer etc) but the rest of my icons have gone and the My documents folder is empty.  It's as if its starting up in some sort of safe mode.


However if I access my folders and desktop folder via 'My computer' they are all still there. ???


Any help appreciated





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We sometimes get this with networked accounts. You can give this a try:


1- Backup your documents.

2- Restart the PC.

3- Log into A DIFFERENT account with Administrator permissions.

4- Go into Documents and Settings and delete the folder for the account that's giving you a problem.

5- Log back into the other account, it will re-create the folder, then try logging in and out a few times to see if it remember your settings.

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check your account settings.


you're being denied access because something has changed registering you as a limited user.


Make a new admin account

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