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N Korea sanctions buggered

Rob W

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S Korea 'spurns ship search plan'

North Korean ship in Japan on 13 October 2006

South Korea has been wary of searching North Korean ships

South Korea will not join a US-led scheme to stop and search suspicious North Korean ships, officials say.


Seoul has been under increased pressure to join the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI) since North Korea conducted a nuclear test on 9 October.


Officials said South Korea did not want to antagonise the North as it had moved to rejoin six-party nuclear talks.


The announcement came as nations finalise reports to the UN on imposing sanctions against North Korea.


South Korea's Deputy Foreign Minister Park In-kook told reporters that South Korea supported the "purpose and principles" of the PSI.


But he said South Korea would not be formally joining it "in consideration of special circumstances on the Korean peninsula".


South Korean officials are believed to be worried that intercepting a North Korean ship could trigger an armed clash, which is of particular concern since the two countries remain technically at war.


But South Korea's decision will be seen as a set-back to US efforts to present a united front against North Korea.

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Beats me hayseed..... doesn't seem much point in rolling out the stealth bombers when your allies aren't too worried about things up North I guess

I think they're worried but they're more worried about provoking the North. Great putdown btw.

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Hayseed. :lol:





yeah well he lauded the educational achievments of Dubbya and asked me what MY qualifications were - when I crushed him he (Rehhagel not Dubya) refused to tell me what  level of educational attainment he had reached - so I guess he hasn't any........................

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Mr Scientist does not understand rhetorical questions.


I seriously find it funny that you think you "crushed" me, not only because it's something a teenager would say, you merely said you had a BSc and MSc I recall, not what subject or class or institution. As Shania Twain once said "that don't impress me much"


Even if you got a 1st from Cambridge alongside Stephen Hawking, you do not impress me based on the quality of your posts and demeaning manner toward those that do not have the level of knowledge you have, even if it was something most people would know, such as the member who asked if Bush was a democrat.

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