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To ,


Twats Ive met, and ones i havent.


All the wankers ive argued shite with over the year.


The Wums who have given me the run-around.


the twats who Pick on Kevin Keegan.


Ashley Bummers ( even tho they've dissapeared)


The Cunts ( Thomas) who got me Banned.


The fuckers who got off on the wrong foot but turned out Ok.


My new facebook Stalkers.


Arseholes GM


The lads form the Blue Football team, the reds can fuck off.


gimps who pretend to be my brother.


people ive knew, and re-discovered posting on this bollox.




People who Know nowt about owt.












Come on Gays, post your christmas messages.

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All the best everyone, and thanks for making 2009 another good year for N-O despite the shite going on with the club.


On behalf of those of us who try to keep this place ticking over I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and happy New Year.


Edit - apart from Delima, what a weird fucker.

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All the selfish, whiney twats outhere who wouldn't do their bits to save this earth


All my pervert fans who get excited by any hint of bestiality


All the sadomasochists who are excited by rapes, rape scenes, rape jokes etc


All the murderers out there who enjoy eating the penis, intestine, vagina, anus, ears, face, skins etc basically carcasses of cows, chicken, turkey etc,

Those who eat chicken/bird periods and drink cow/lamb pus

Those approving human raping animals by purchasing by-products of human raping animals (ie your every day meat) from Tesco, Selfridge, Co-op, local butcheries etc

Those who eat the dead bodies of animals castrated and mutilated by humans


All the believers of useless imaginary gods


And Kaizero


Merry Christmas - God speed to the recovery of your sexuality and originally non-abusive mentality

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Guest toonlass



All the merciless twats who have spent 2009 ripping the piss out of me for a stupidly mad millisecond on a coach back from Everton 14 months ago,


All the people who I laughed at when I wound them up on the Michael Jackson's dead thread,


All the people who reckon Shay Given wasn't a twat for leaving in the manner he did even though he was and still is,


All those who have made me laugh especially in the last two months when things away from the forum have been awful,


Keefaz for sending me the little carved dudes as a prize, they still have pride of place on my desk,


The people who are my friends away from this forum as well as on it,


Dilema for showing me there are those who are weirder than I am,


Haz for being always there if I ever need an argument about the existance of God,


LBW for being just about the funniest human being on this planet,


And everyone else for just being you,


Merry Christmas, have a great 2010 and HOWAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Arseholes GM


You must think I'm blind as well as stupid. :huff:


I could read that without quoting it or editing it or owt.


Merry fucking Twatmas. http://www.santatulsa.com/santa-emoticon.gif

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Merry Christmas to you all, you all make my boring days a bit more interesting and you may be the finest collection of interesting personalities gathered in one place on the Internet :thup:


Special wishes of joy and happiness to:


Decky for being awesome.

Pilko for being tall.

Ste for letting me run a train on his ass each time we play FIFA.

Kezman for being Kezman.

GM for being Scottish, even though he's not.

Keefaz for being one of the most interesting people I've never actually met, but still know.

Dave for being omnipotent.

Neil for being intelligent.

Ronaldo for being handsome.

Towelie for bork bork being bork the only good hurdy gurdy borkbork thing to come fishde birdy gurdy bork out of bork bork Sweden since hurdy hurdy gurdy The Swedish Chef, bork bork bork de bork bork bork bork bork who didn't actually bork come out of Sweden, but America eeeeaaaagleeeeee.

Mike for being the most awesome human being on the planet.


There's more of yous, but I got tired of listing you all :lol: you know who you are anyways, sexy bastards. :aww:

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Merry Christmas to all the members of this board I have met.


Yay, even if it was many years ago.  :aww:


Merry Christmas all. Can't be arsed to list individual categories - this is the season of goodjill and you're all lovely.  :snod:

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Twas Christmas Eve Eve, In General Chat on N-O

In a thread that was started, by Cee Pee Four Oh. 


I was called a cunt by the apostrophe with hat.

but he got himself banned, the daft limey twat


I won't do the rest of this, it's an order too tall

I'll just leave it at Merry Christmas, to one and all.

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Guest SupermacTheLegend

Merry Christmas to the ones I love, the ones I love to wind-up, the ones I love to hate and the ones I don't yet mind about either way.:thup:




I'm in there somewhere, Anyhoozel,

Merry Crimbo everyone and a Happy New Year.  :smitten:

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Yeah, Happy Christmas to all of you. As a newish member I don't know any of you personally yet but have a good one and I hope Santa brings you all you ask for, although for some of you that could be a horrific prospect.


Happy birthday Jebus.

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