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Happy Birthday, Pilko


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So you're not actually Jesus after all, but your birthday does explain the Messiah complex you've got. :D


On behalf of the Tall Persons Club of Great Britain, may I wish you a very Happy Birthday, you lanky streak of piss. Have a great day, and may you never lack a scone.




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Guest lankybellwipe

Top lad. Happy christmas, merry birthday, and it's so nice for some other poor twat to receive the words GM expressed, that I hear daily!!



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Birthday on Christmas Eve, that must be pretty s***?


Happy birthday, keep walking those wastelands with your pipboy.


I used to go out with a girl who's birthday was christmas day. She hated it, particularly when she realised the £12.50 necklace from Argos was her present for both of them.




PS, Happy Birthday Pilko.


EDIT: Wohooooooo. That's my 100th post. I'm no longer an amateur! I'll think carefully before starting my first thread. Don't want to make it an anti-climax.

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