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Alan Shearer (now retired)

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Was a good finish as well like.


I don`t know where she gets it from, I looked into my family tree and my Grandad`s (93 years old still going) Uncle was the Captain of Ipswich Town for 4 years just before it went pro.  She usually has a harder shot than Joelinton but its pretty difficult in that icy snow. I nearly broke my ankle on it.  She got signed for Ipswich Academy U9`s aged 6. 

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On 12/02/2021 at 13:26, Rebellious said:

My daughter asked to do a video for Alan Shearers charity prize draw yesterday. Really pleased for her, could be coincidence but it jumped £10,000 after Shearer retweeted it.  The video got to 55k views, we do the odd video here and there, the most views we got before were 3k. We got likes from Ian Wright, Sally Nugent, Steve Howey, Carly Telford, Chris Foy that we saw but you can`t view all of them on a retweet.




That's immense! :aww:



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8 hours ago, joeyt said:


What is the context of this? Why is he talking about Shearer?

When he was a player never really got where the 'boring' Shearer thing came from? Cos he kept out of trouble. Watching the team train or warm up it was always clear he was a big personality in the team.


Just dreamt last night I saw him on the street, he caught me looking and said 'alright mate'. My thrills living alone in covid times :lol:

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16 minutes ago, Dancing Brave said:

The days when fans mattered.

Those were the days.

Makes me hate what ashley has turned this club into even more.

Aye, wanting to wait until further notice because they wanted to reveal the signing in front of the fans, for the fans, when we were truly Newcastle UNITED.

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