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Buried Haiti Man Lived On Beer For 11 Days


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A shop clerk buried in the Haiti quake has been pulled alive from the rubble after 11 days - and told how he survived on beer and cookies.


Dozens of onlookers cheered as Wismond Exantus emerged smiling from a deep tunnel drilled by rescuers.


His brother had alerted a Greek rescue team after hearing a voice 20 feet beneath the surface rubble of a hotel grocery store in capital Port-au-Prince.


Wismond had initially survived by diving under a desk when the rubble started to fall around him as the quake struck.


The 24-year-old found himself trapped in a tiny space but discovered a few select groceries within arms reach - beer, cookies and cola.


Speaking from his hospital bed he said: "I was hungry. But every night I thought about the revelation that I would survive.


"I would eat anything I found. After the quake I didn't know when it was day and when it was night.


"It was God who was tucking me away in his arms. It gave me strength."


The survivor then turned to his family and said: "When you are in a hole I will try to reach out to you, too."



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Absolutely brilliant.

Two effing weeks ! Amazing.

That tiny bairn surviving was even more astonishing.

Sadly, not enough did though.

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