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Combi boiler gives you hot water and heat on demand, and the back boiler has to spend time heating up first.  I think.


Any resident plumbers on here, plenty of plumbs but any actual plumbers?


I'm not a plumber but this basically.


A combi boiler heats the water as it comes through from the mains water pipe and you'll have an endless supply of hot water although it can dip when someone else turns on another tap and when you you're already using one. No tank so takes less space.


You wouldn't normally get a new back boiler unless you were just replacing an old one, they need loads of space and water tanks. Water pressure will be low but you can run hot water from as many taps as you like without it having an impact on the temperature unlike on a combi. A combi is a lot more efficient I think.


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a back boiler, sits in your chimney breast and is heated by your gas fire.  ie at the back of your fire. a combi is instantant hot water/ heating.

A normal boiler, will fill a hot water storage tank, and supply your radiators, like a back boiler but not situated behind your fireplace.

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