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Port forwarding and NATS


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When playing my Xbox 360, NATS is set to 'Moderate' (according to Modern Warfare 2). From stuff I've read and been told it should ideally be set to 'Open'.


Does Port forwarding sort out NATS at the same time or is it something different?


I've found this guide on Port forwarding: -


Does it look OK to those who have done it before?


Does forwarding ports affect security of your PC?


I've found these: -






Has anyone got an easy to follow guide to do this?

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the security of your pc will remain unaffected , yes opening the ports will set it from moderate to open im assuming you play mw2?


Just go to the router homepage and under security/firewall settings open the ports and make sure its the right IP check the IP within your router under the DHCP table.


also suggest going to for a guide if your stuck;



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I know my way around PCs but wouldn't class myself as an expert, especially when it comes to this sort of configuration stuff.


Just to confirm, is my "IP Address" the "IPv4 IP Address"?


The IP Address displayed under 'Configure Network' on the Xbox 360 is a different number to the one on my PC (it ends in .3 instead of .2).


I tried to follow the port forwarding guide for my BT Voyager 2110 but the 'Virtual Server' screen doesn't appear exactly as they describe it "You should see another page of settings that need to be entered into one of the blank lines on your routers Virutal Server page.". I don't see that page.




Just found this: -


"The Voyager2110 will not allow you to forward enough ports, to run Xbox Live 360. You should try using the DMZ portion of this router if it is available. Alternatively you can try switching the router to bridged mode. You will need to contact your ISP to switch to bridged mode, so they can make the required changed on their end."




No idea about DMZ but it looks like I'll have to try this: -



:angry: I hate configuration problems!


Edit - Finally got NAT to "Open" using DMZ Host.




I've BT Voyager 2110 and it's on wireless (official adapter), just trying a few more things now to try get it working.

I've got it open by putting the IP address of 360 in DMZ.


"A DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) host is a computer on your network that can be accessed from the Internet regardless of NAT, port forwarding and IP filter settings. A DMZ is often used to host Web servers, FTP servers etc that need to be accessible from the Internet.


Setting up a DMZ has implications for the security of your network. Only set-up a DMZ if you understand the consequences.


Port forwarding settings will override your DMZ setting.


To setup a DMZ Host:


* Select Forwarded to the DMZ Host

* Enter the IP address of the computer you wish to place in the DMZ

* Click Apply"


Anyone know if there's any real security implications?

Are there any security issues doing the above?

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