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World's Strongest Man 2015


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So there we go, the current champion (2009, final was just shown tonight on Bravo) is Zydrunas Savickas! So happy for the guy. Ashame for the legend that is Mariusz Pudzianowski - won the competition 5 times which is unbelievable.


Good show by the Englishman Terry Hollands although he aint getting any younger.


What was ridiculous was the amount of time they dragged it out for! In the old days they covered it over 4-5 days on channel 5. Now Bravo got it and it spans over about 6 weeks.


They pulled planes and all sorts. Was a truly awesome final.


Anyway, in the thread - people who don't care/didn't watch it.


1st - Zydrunas Savickas




2nd - Mariusz Pudzianowski




3rd - Brian Shaw




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Magnus Samuelsson was a legend.


Does John Inverdale still present this?


It's actually Martin Bayfield. I'm not sure if Inverdale commentates though.


What I just found out is they record the finals in APRIL and show them THE FOLLOWING JANUARY!


Why the fuck? Surely that's crazy.

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The token Chinese fella because it was in China who was on yesterday was absolutely s****.


Ended with 3 points. Considering you get a point for starting and there's 6 events, it was pretty much impossibly bad :lol: silly Long.


Long Wu by name, short points by total.

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