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I knew what the question was going to be. Probably a couple of weeks when in S America before I got the hang of wanking in the showers.


edit: I took the question to mean without a jizz. Obviously the need to wank isn't that great when co-habiting.

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Currently at least a couple of weeks, on some new medication recently and it kills the old sex drive stone dead for about a month whenever it's changed. Balls are starting to ache a bit though.

you don't need a sex drive to wank. boredom is normally good enough.
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Guest lankybellwipe

Horrified and disgusted............ DIS-GUSTED!!   :facepalm:


I had an inkling about the subject, so moved the cursor over the thread title, which revealed the OP and the subject. DISGUSTED!!





(hadn't finished)


I will have no part in this thread, and only opened it to air my utter disbelief at this disgraceful behaviour. You should all be locked up. This is tantamount to aiding and abetting mass genocide!


I have never, ever treat my body with such disrespect and depravity!!  Foul and filthy!!


My mother thought she caught me out too, many years ago, until after much insistment, I finally hammered home that I had misplaced my Pritt-Stick in the washing basket


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A week, having split up with my gf. I wasn't going to be the guy who sits wanking and crying.


Reminds me of this:



Just broke up with your partner? Well nee one cares so you have two choices, either harden the fuck up or run yourself a bath, grab some cans, stick on a bit Airsupply and have yourself a massive crywank!



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