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TV Signal Boosters

Belfast Boy

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I currently have sky + going directly to my main tv in the living room. I also have a standard (digital) tv aerial in the loft which is split 4 ways via a signal booster to bedrooms and the kitchen.

I am wanting to upgrade to an 8 way booster and when doing this, is there any way to include the sky signal into all rooms (albeit only on the same channel as downstairs)?

I am currently no using the wired tv point in the main room, so if i take a lead from the RF 1 output on the sky box, into the wall, then in the loft can I use the original living room 'output' as a new input for everywhere else?


EDIT: I really do have a gift for starting threads which get no replies! ;D


Just to update (as if anyone cares) I have put the 8 way booster in and now get a good picture in all rooms from the aerial. Unfortunately I only have one cable running from the loft to the skybox (conduits set into concrete walls) so I cannot send the sky signal back up to the booster as the instructions suggest. So for now I am stuck with just Sky in the one room and terrestrial tv everywhere else. My concern is still what will happen in 2012 when they switch analogue off. I guess it means new tvs all round the house.

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