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Sony Unveils PlayStation Move Motion Controller


Sony used its GDC press conference to officially name its PS3 motion controller, PlayStation Move.


The company said that the technology, which works with the PlayStation Eye, had been in development for two years and will launch this autumn. Supporting the main Move controller is the Nunchuk-like 'Sub-Controller', a wireless unit sporting an analogue stick and d-pad, pictured below.


Move will be available in three bundles - standalone for those who already have the PS Eye, with the camera and a PS3, or with the camera and a game. The third bundle will cost less than $100.


Sony said that Move’s latency (or lag) is nearly non-existent at under one frame, a similar response you get from the DualShock 3 controller.





Less than $100.  That should work out at about £99 by gaming hardware exchange rates then.  Still at least they stuck with the purple-headed dildo design....

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Apparently, because the PS3 has a limit of 7 bluetooth devices at once, you can't have four people playing a game which requires two controllers/sub-controllers each at the same time.


My main issue is just how similar it is to the Wii. It does nothing to innovate or change things, it's just an improved Wii with daft ping pong balls. I can only hope that Natal manages to succeed on some level with the new things it's attempting.

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