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Would you like to be on the opinion panel of one the UKs biggest broadcasters?

Super Duper Branko Strupar

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I work for a company called Dubit and we are currently recruiting for young persons opinion panel for one of the UKs biggest broadcasters.


We’re looking for fun, enthusiastic, intelligent young people (16-24) to be on our well respected panel who will get paid for their opinions every month and go to workshops at the London studios.


Every month we’ll send you a list of topical issues and ask you give us your opinion on two of your choice which will give us an insight and feedback on what you the viewer thinks. Examples of previous subjects include 21st Century Women and the Credit Crunch.  They are only approx 300-500 words in length (or if you wanted to do a video, 2 minutes would be fine) then you send it electronically to us and you’ll get £5 per piece of content.


We’ll also invite you to attend a workshop between now and the end of March at their centre in London and you’ll get £30 for every workshop and £20 for every mini workshop and your travel expenses are paid in advance. If you are on the panel for 6 months you will also get an additional financial reward.


However the best thing about this once in a lifetime opportunity is that the experience of working for this broadcasting company will look fantastic on your CV and it is invaluable work experience.


The panel must be recruited to nationally represent young people in Britain therefore there is a strict recruitment policy in place.  However please note that all applicants will be carefully considered and can be rest assured that we will not be discriminative in any way.


If you are interested please forward your C.V to [email protected] for more details or to apply.


Any questions of for more details PM me.

Cheers Guys


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