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Plays/production's you've been to/would recommend

Super Duper Branko Strupar

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I went to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see 'Rum and Coca Cola' last night and it was fantastic!

I can't remember the last time I went to the theatre, think it was Cats 11 years ago and I hated it but last nights experience has definitely made me want to go more ofton, especially as the playhouse do free tickets during the week for under 26 yr olds, an allocation of 5 per person, then after that its 5 for £5 each then 10 for £10 each.


Anyone seen any plays recently worth going to? Or any classics that I should go and see if the happen to come on?

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Are you all uncultured? Get to the Theatre man.


Went to see 'Paul Merton & his Improv Chums' last night in York. Funniest thing Ive ever seen. Its like 'Who's line is it anyway' but live. Even had Richard Vranch (the musician from WLIIA) and the Fat American that used to be on it who was also Friar Tuck in 'Robin Hood Prince of Theives'.


Only £11. Travelling down the country, already done Newcastle mind.

If you want a good cheapish night of live audience interaction comedy from a true Genius of the art go and see it! (as long as there are tickets left obv)

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Well I reside in Toronto so no point posting local events I've been to. Some notable traveling productions I've been to are as follows:


- East of Berlin: A play about a man whose father is a Nazi and who ends up falling in love with an American Jewish girl in post-war Berlin. Not that great of a play as some parts are largely cliched, and it seems it was massively overrated because it was local, but it has since gone international so if it comes to your neighbourhood, I wouldn't necessarily totally avoid it. Makes for an okay-ish evening, with some nice humour thrown in at unexpected moments.


- Festen: A play based on the Dogme 95 film of the same name. Absolutely astonishing. Watch it at all costs. The production I went to was one of the best acted productions I've ever seen, and it made for a night I haven't forgotten since. Also made an interesting change watching a play based on a film, and not the other way around. Funnily enough, some characters are deeper in the film itself, which goes to show these trappings occur across all media.


Jersey Boys: :lol: It was surprisingly... a ton of fun! Going to avoid all the platitudes reserved for famous musicals, but all of them apply to this one. Frankie Vallie lived a sad life.

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