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I want to ride a bicycle


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Or a slag. But i have more chance with a bike so i'll ask this question.


OK. I need a bike, don't want to spend too much generally it's going to be used to travel to and from Uni next year when i'm in my house but also i'm going to be making the odd 50 mile trip on it. Will probably only happen once mind but take into account it could happen a few times.


Any ideas/thoughts what i should get? All the cycling will be done on roads.


Also, do they do backpacks with like a straw coming from it and the backpack is full of water?



(All this is because my Dad bet me i couldn't ride from Sheffield to Stoke, i'm way too stubborn)

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Guest firetotheworks

If you want a decent one/dont want to pay loads then I highly, super amazingly highly recommend anything by Giant.

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