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Terreblanche Killed


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S African Terreblanche 'killed'


South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been murdered, local media reports say.


Mr Terreblanche was beaten to death on his farm in the north-west of the country, the reports said.


Mr Terreblanche and his Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) came to prominence in the early 1980s.


He became the champion of a tiny minority determined to stop the process that was bringing apartheid to an end.


Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/world/africa/8602347.stm




Always wished for it to happen back in the late 1980s, but it's happened now.

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Can't help wondering if this will lead to civil unrest...think it's unavoidable, myself.


Calm urged after S Africa killing


South African President Jacob Zuma has appealed for calm after the killing of the white supremacist leader, Eugene Terreblanche.


Mr Zuma said South Africans must not allow anyone to take advantage of the "terrible deed" by inciting racial hatred.


Police said Mr Terreblanche had been beaten to death in a dispute with two farm workers over unpaid wages.


Mr Terreblanche's far-right movement urged its members to be calm.


The 69-year-old was attacked on Saturday evening at home on his farm near the town of Ventersdorp, North West province.


'Must be condemned'


Two males, aged 21 and 15, have been arrested and charged with his murder, said police.


“ We will decide upon the action we are going to take to avenge Mr Terreblanche's death ” - Andre Visagie Afrikaner Resistance Movement


His body was found with facial and head injuries on a bed, after he was apparently attacked with a machete and a wooden club.


Mr Terreblanche came to prominence in the early 1980s, campaigning for a separate white homeland and championing a tiny minority determined to preserve apartheid.


Mr Zuma's office said in a statement: "The president appeals for calm... and asks South Africans not to allow agent provocateurs to take advantage of this situation by inciting or fuelling racial hatred.


"The murder of Terreblanche must be condemned, irrespective of how his killers think they may have been justified. They had no right to take his life."


The BBC's Karen Allen in Johannesburg says the murder comes amid growing anxiety about crime in South Africa.


Opposition politicians linked the death to racially inflammatory sentiments from a minority of the ruling ANC party.



Martin Plaut, Africa editor

For most South Africans, Eugene Terreblanche was a throwback to another era. But his death is a blow to the country's image of racial tolerance, fostered so carefully by Nelson Mandela.


Some are likely to believe that the fact that his alleged attackers were arrested so rapidly smacks of a cover-up. Others, on the minority far-right fringe, will see his death as a vindication of their assertion that whites cannot live under black rule.


It is a tragic fact that more than 3,000 white farmers have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994. And it is possible that some people may seek retribution.


Mr Terreblanche's funeral could become a rallying point for such sentiment.


During a news conference in Ventersdorp on Sunday, South African Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa cautioned against stoking tensions.


"We call on all South Africans across whatever divide - across the racial divide, across the political divide - to desist from making any inflammatory statements which are not going to help anyway on the case we are dealing with," he said.


Meanwhile, relatives and friends of Mr Terreblanche gathered near his home to pay their respects.


His Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement - AWB) echoed Mr Zuma's call for calm.


AWB spokesman Andre Visagie said: "We will decide upon the action we are going to take to avenge Mr Terreblanche's death," adding that next steps would await a party meeting in May.


He earlier blamed the killing on the recent singing of an apartheid-era song by a firebrand ANC leader.


'Explosive situation'


Last week, South Africa's High Court banned ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema from singing "kill the Boer". It ruled the song was hate speech, but the ANC is appealing.


Boer is Afrikaans for a farmer, but also a derogatory term for any white in South Africa.


A spokeswoman for the opposition Democratic Alliance party, Juanita Terblanche, no relation, said: "[Mr Terreblanche's killing] happened in a province where racial tension in the rural farming community is increasingly being fuelled by irresponsible racist utterances."


The minority party Freedom Front Plus called on people to refrain from reacting emotionally.


"The murder creates an explosive situation and is condemned in the strongest possible terms," party spokesman Pieter Groenewald said.


More than 3,000 white farmers are estimated to have been murdered since the end of apartheid in 1994.


A committee of inquiry found in 2003 only 2% of farm attacks had a political or racial motive, although critics said this figure was far too low.


Mr Terreblanche had founded the white supremacist AWB in 1973, to oppose what he regarded as the liberal policies of the then-South African government.


His party tried terrorist tactics and threatened civil war in the run-up to South Africa's first democratic elections, before sliding into relative obscurity.


Mr Terreblanche served three years in jail after being convicted in 2001 of the attempted murder of a farm worker.


Story from BBC NEWS: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/pr/fr/-/1/hi/world/africa/8602512.stm

Published: 2010/04/04 11:18:25 GMT



Really think it could kick off quite badly now. :(


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There aren't enough militant Afrikaaners left in South Africa for this to cause any kind of major kick off, besides terrablanche was an idiot and everybody knew it.

I can remember watching on the telly when he came out of jail and climbed onto his horse, a noise from the crowd caused it to rear up and he fell. it was hilarious


its shocking though that the 2 guys that have been arrested for this will no doubt be hailed as heroes by a majority of the public

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Eugene Terre'Blanche: a petty bully but a dangerous one

Terre'Blanche was no joke, even if he was not the threat to the transition to majority rule that he imagined himself to be

Chris McGreal guardian.co.uk, Sunday 4 April 2010 12.23 BST





It was always tempting not to take Eugene Terre'Blanche seriously. He swaggered around in a uniform that made him look like an overgrown boy scout, threatening the race war to end all race wars in defence of apartheid, but his platoons of potbellied men didn't look like they had much fight in them.


I once watched his Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB) demonstrate "use of the horse in a revolutionary situation" – in this case rescuing a stranded white woman and her children from the heart of a black township. Terre'Blanche began by revealing a fundamental misunderstanding about townships by asking everyone to be quiet so as not to scare the horses. The crowd deemed the show a great success but Terre'Blanche was none too pleased when I asked him how the woman got to be in the township and how on earth his men got their horses there. He stomped off. Terre'Blanche did love his horse.


The old fascist – the AWB rode under a three-pronged, swastika-inspired cross – was good at pulling off dramatic stunts, on one occasion driving an armoured car through the front of the conference centre where Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk were negotiating over the shape of the new South Africa.


Terre'Blanche was no joke, even if he was not the threat to the transition to majority rule that he imagined himself to be. The AWB terrorised whole communities, assaulting black people with impunity. And he had one thing in common with Hitler: he exercised a powerful effect with his long appeals to Afrikaner nationalism and history.


His organisation met its Waterloo in the black homeland of Bophuthatswana, where it foolishly imagined the army of that nominally independent land would stand against the looming ANC rule. Three AWB members were killed as the organisation was sent fleeing by the soldiers it thought would do what these white men told them. But before the AWB was driven out, its members murdered scores of black people.


Terre'Blanche held a press conference the day after. He blamed other Afrikaner leaders for the failure, but it was quite apparent that his men had failed their greatest test – not only militarily but in judging the willingness of black men to fight. That day Terre'Blanche turned on me demanding to know where I was from. That it was England was bad enough. The English were the original enemy. That I worked for a liberal paper was worse. My paper fell within his very broad definition of communism.


Bophuthatswana ended the illusion of the AWB leading a white uprising but it didn't end the violence. His men set off bombs around Johannesburg at the beginning of South Africa's first free election, killing 21.


For all the idealism, the man proved to be as petty and bullying as you might expect from a small-town tyrant. When he did finally go to prison, in 2001, it was not for the big crimes (he folded and confessed to those and got amnesty from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission) but for beating up a petrol station attendant and attempting to murder a security guard.


Terre'Blanche found himself one of the few white faces in an overwhelmingly black prison. One of dozens of cell mates during the AWB leader's first night in prison described how Terre'Blanche spent the night wide awake, handing over cigarettes. In prison he became a born-again Christian and claimed to have moderated his views on black people. But on his release he tried to relaunch the AWB. He claimed there was a popular clamour. But this time it was a joke.

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