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Guest Stephen927

Harrogate shopping centre.


I don't know if there actually is one, the name just seems to flow.

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Why and when are you going? My cousin lives there so if you need recommendations for pubs/restaurants then I can try and find out.


Just going with wor lass as it's something different. And that would be smashing Catherine. :)

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I think we've all learned a valuable lesson here.


Don't bother replying to these sort of threads with anything other than unhelpful sarcasm, because anything else is not appreciated. :hmm:

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Guest BooBoo

Have a visit to the Victorian Baths. Amazingly relaxing, I fell asleep afterwards on the loungers. Cost about £20 each and you can stay up to two or three hours.

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Sorry for the delay in getting this info petal - I've just chased up my cousin and got this..



Ok, so places to visit in Harrogate, in terms of actual attractions there isn't much. The Valley Gardens are nice for a walk, Bettys is nice for Tea, Knaresborough is ok for Mother Shiptons Cave (about 4 miles from HG) apart from that the shops and centre of town are nice and well worth a walk round.


Drinks and Food wise there are plenty choice. Stand out pubs would be The Old Bell - lots of traditional beers, Pitcher/Banyan are on the same street and quite lively, Alberts and RBG on main street are good for a drink but a bit pricey


Food wise my top 5 would be:


1. The Orchid - awesome Thai rest

2. Bed - great rest selling a range of foods, brilliant atmosphere

3. William & Victoria - very nice rest, quite pricey though

4. Luigis - best Italian in Harrogate in my opinion

5. Raj Put - excellent Indian rest in centre of town


Weetons is another good place for a coffee, very Harrogate and where the local go for a coffee in preference to Bettys which is all tourists!


Depending on where they are staying they should be able to be pointed in the direction of by the hotel people.

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