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New World Record.


Seattle-based locksmith John McAllister has beaten a videogame high score record that has stood for 28 years, racking up 41,338,740 points on the ancient arcade blaster Asteroids.


Lending considerable weight to the theory that some people really do have too much time on their hands, McAllister cemented this new milestone in a mere 58 and a quarter hours, and marked his achievement with the initials ELF before finally hitting the sack.


Putting all that into context, the previous highest score on Asteroids was set by a certain Scott Safran, who amassed 41,336,440 back in 1982 – that’s 2300 points behind McAllister’s new record. Alas, the New Jersey man is unlikely to rise to this new challenge since he met with a very unfortunate end over a decade ago, after falling from a sixth story window while trying to rescue his cat.


But back to today’s story, and McAllister’s record has yet to be recognised by Twin Galaxies, the official compilers of such things (www.twingalaxies.com), who will verify McAllister’s score before entering it into their record books over the next couple of months. They’re unlikely to quibble, though, as McAllister videotaped the whole thing and even streamed his record-breaking attempt live over the internet.


That’s all very impressive, and we certainly pass on our congratulations to Mr. McAllister. We don’t doubt his record will stand for years to come too, but we’re wondering if he’s set another one into the bargain – namely the longest uninterrupted gameplay session without a trip to the loo!


The classic Asteroids in all its original arcade glory is now playable from the convenience of your computer. Hit this link and see if you can set a record of your own








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