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Selling PS3 how much is it worth?


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ps3 40gb model with 8 games and 2 controllers, plus extras


all in working order


selling it because we do not have time for it anymore.




Heavy Rain




Fight Night


Fifa 09

Fifa 10

Legends of wrestlemanina

Loads of downloaded games


I just dont have time to play on it.



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100 quid


For the games alone aye


That's hopeful to be honest. The problem with selling a large amount of games at once is that whoever is gonna buy them probably doesn't want half of them and thus assigns them no real value.

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Might be worth taking it to Game,


I took an 80GB model there for cash and they gave me £160, was an offer they had on at the time, but IIRC they're still giving £135 trade in for the 80GB, so I can't see the 40GB being far behind.

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