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I'm a gonna rape you Cheza


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Teen arrested for Cheryl Cole 'rape threat'


A teenager has been arrested for allegedly leaving a message threatening to rape X Factor judge Cheryl Cole.


It was previously reported that an abusive message was left on show host Dermot O'Leary's mobile phone last month directed at his colleague.


A City of London Police spokesman said: "A 17-year-old boy from Tunbridge Wells has been arrested on suspicion of malicious communication. The boy has been released on bail."


According to Sky News, Cole is believed to have been alerted to the alleged threat.



What a silly boy.

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I say that all of the time. What's the big deal?


Actually I reckon she'd like it like that as well.


They all like it like that.


I'd love to take her up the hoop as well.

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Nowt wrong with a bit of consensual rape fantasy. Calling up someone's mobile and saying you gonna rape them/their friend is pushing it a bit IMO. Call me old fasioned if you like.

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'Tunbridge Wells' :lol:


Do you think a lass from the east end of Newcastle is going to be scared of a boy from Tunbridge Wells? If anything, she'd rape him.


That's ROYAL tunbridge wells my good man. He's probably some distant relation to Her Maj, and as such can call in the garrison to give our Chezza a good shafting if he wishes. It the benefits of being a posh twat.

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