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London Theatre Tickets.

Crumpy Gunt

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Thinking of taking wor lass and the bairn to London this Saturday. I'm at the match on Sunday but was gonna chuck her and baba on early train back.


Anyone any experience of getting late tickets from Agencies etc for the popular shows? Was thinking The Lion King or simlar coz bairns only 4 ('nearly five')

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Lastminute.com are pretty good and have reasonable deals, or there's the theatre ticket kiosk in Leicester square that you can go to during the day and pick tickets up at anything up to half price.




My mum is a big theater fan and always goes here to get tickets. You should be able to pick something up on the day.


Billy Elliot at the Victoria Palace Theatre is supposed to be quite good, you've also got the ever popular Oliver! at the theatre royal drury lane, or War Horse at the New London Theatre as well as obviously Lion King at the Lyceum.

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