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Snooker LOOPY!!!

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For fear of obliterating the betting thread with snooker talk anyone watching the World Champs?


ROS looking edgy against Selby 4-4 overnight, the latter must be astounded he's not winning. I can see O'Sullivan getting stronger in that match, going for 13-11.


Davis, after knocking out Higgins, is getting arseholed by Robertson last time I saw, who himself produced an amazing comeback against Gould in the 2nd round.


Who do you want to win?



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Selby has already blown it for me, needed 6-2 from that the way Ronnie was playing, won't be easy for Ronnie by any means but he's been let off the hook so badly by Selby.


I wanted Higgins to win at the start, now I want Ronnie to win, as long as Davis goes out first frame tomorrow I'm happy, wish it had been 2 sessions though.

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f***ing hate Dott and Murphy. Dott looks like a shy boring child heroin addict whilst Murphy has a fit lass and blatently never bangs her... prefers to go to Church on a Sunday morning.


Selby to win it now

I hate these two aswell.


My favourite is Higgins.

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Ronnie O’Sullivan departed the world championships in typically ungracious style last night. Having lost to the seventh-ranked Mark Selby, who reeled off the last four frames to take the quarter-final 13-11, he claimed that “my bad game has got me where I’ve got in the last 17 years, playing pretty **** really.”


It wasn’t the obscenity that rankled, but O’Sullivan’s habit of berating himself, which downplays the quality of his opponents. To claim that his bad game has been up to the task of winning three World Championship titles and countless other trophies is disrespectful to the opposition.


Selby deserved better yesterday. He produced a steely-nerved finish, maintaining tactical control and exploiting the fact that O’Sullivan kept over-hitting his safety shots.


Selby wasn’t racking up huge breaks – he had one century in the match, as opposed to two by his opponent – but he gave away few chances in the final stages.


When these two players met in the final of the Wembley Masters in January, it was a similar story: Selby came from behind to take the title, and O’Sullivan promptly damned him with faint praise, saying that they were both too attacking to be suited to winning the World Championships.


Selby's win here was the perfect response, especially as he has now been installed as the bookies’ favourite to beat Graeme Dott in the semi-finals and then lift the trophy.


Selby goes by the handle of “The jester from Leicester”, but there wasn’t too much joking around in this match. He is one of the few players who know how to get under O’Sullivan’s skin.


In the early stages of the afternoon session, O’Sullivan took his frustrations out on the referee, Leo Scullion, who had displeased him by calling a touching ball. “There’s no way in a million years that that’s touching,” O’Sullivan said, before suggesting that Scullion should have his eyes tested for a new pair of glasses.


Afterwards, O’Sullivan talked about the fatalism with which he had approached the final frames.“You get to know your own endings sometimes, you’re sitting there watching it thinking anything can happen, but inside you know.


"I don’t need snooker, but I have had 17 years of trying and hoping and thinking that my game will turn around. It can be quite a painful experience but I’ve stuck at it for a long time, and that has to be a positive.”


Earlier, Steve Davis had smiled his way through his inevitable exit from the tournament, while also joining in the general hilarity after the Crucible’s announcer had introduced him as Dennis Taylor.


Although Davis opened the session well, claiming the first frame with a break of 59, the young Australian Neil Robertson promptly finished rattled in a cool 107 to take the match 13-5. Robertson’s semi-final opponent will be Allister Carter, who sneaked past Shaun Murphy with a tense 13-12 win.



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Missed an easy yellow (it was in the jaws) and Carter cleaned up from there. It's an interesting semi final line-up to be honest, no clear winner. Selby will be the bookies favourite, he did well to stick with Ronnie this afternoon and is more than capable of beating Dott. Dott will grind like fuck but he's also very good when he gets in, and of course has the experience of winning it before. Dott will have the longest odds as he's the lowest ranked player but he's definitely worth a flutter, he's played some fantastic snooker (he took apart Maguire and came back from 12-10 today) and he said himself the pressure is off him as he's got his top 16 place back. The experience factor at this stage is bigger than you might expect, Ali Carter played some of the best snooker of his life in 2008 but couldn't handle the pressure in the final ad got blown away.


The other semi final, Robertson is favourite for me. His potting is outstanding but he just can't get the consistency. Carter on the other hand is very consistent in his performances but I think he's destined to be one of those players who always makes the quarters/semis - yes he made the final a few years ago but got tanked - I think it'll be close but Robertson will edge it IMO.


Ronnie has been annoying for a number of years now. Everytime he loses at the Crucible he threatens to retire and all this bullshit, fuck knows what goes through his head. It doesn't help that pundits seem to love to say "he's the greatest player to ever play the game." Fair enough he's fantastic when he's on form but until he matches Hendry's 7 world titles, he'll never have that title for me. And I hate Hendry.


It's been a good tournament and it'll be a shame if the Beeb do give it up in the next few years as expected, Hearn's proposals next month are vital for the future of the sport and they'll go a long way to deciding if Snooker is on terrestrial television in the future.

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