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I'm not sure if its google, my laptop/a virus or firefox but.....


Everytime I use google to search now, when I click on a search result, it opens it in a new tab which is annoying enough, but it often just takes me to some random page, or either yahoo search or k-directory (some horse shit search engine).


Anyone else experiencing this or know what it is?

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Hmm, sounds like a possible browser highjack to me. Try running Malware Bytes http://download.cnet.com/Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware/3000-8022_4-10804572.html



Also, possibly unrelated but useful anyway, I'll post how to install Adblock Plus if you ain't got it yet. Sometimes annoying adverts can spread viruses when clicked..


Go Here:



click 'Add to Firefox', wait a few seconds, click ok. Then you restart firefox.

When firefox comes back on, it'll ask you which filter you want to use, check Easylist (usa) and then OK.

Sorted, no more annoying adverts while using t'internet ever again.


How-To video on installing it but I doubt you'll need it.



Try Malware bytes first tho, that may fix your problemo, if not, then Lazlo on here will prolly know the score!

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Aye, I do have Antivirus soft malware on at the moment, removed some of it but awaiting a reply to my logs on bleepingcompter for further info.

Removed as much as i could but unable to edit registry at the moment or find it anywhere else. I know it affects IE but didnt think it would firefox, its not sending me to any related ads/web pages to those i had trouble with when the malware was at its worst.

It send me to either ask jeeves search result for what Ive chosen to load, yahoo search o k-directory. Sometimes loads pages I have open in other tabs....

Ill try that anti mlware when ive acted on what the tech guys say, im not meant to install anything new yet. Ill let you know how i get on.



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Sounds like your DNS entries have been changed to me. Do you still have the out of the box admin and password on your router ?


I dont.


It only seems to really affect google for some reason. A couple of other web pages refuse to load, then try to load another page and along the bottom its says its trying to load google-analytics.com.......???

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One way to test this is to change your DNS details to say and which are from OpenDNS you'll know there safe then. I'd tell you how but depends on your router. If that works then it could be one of two things really. Either your router has become compromised due to crap security or your ISPs DNS file has become corrupted. Still a good idea to have a really good security on your router.

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