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I couldn't be arsed with work this morning, staying up til two did not help.


Same here, I didn't make it in until well after 9 and I'm normally in before half 8.

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Every day you wake up, is a good day. Seize it.

bollocks. some days are just crap and you know it the moment  the alarm goes off.



i feel fucking great everyday when i wake up,especially when its sunny.


Then i remember how shit life is.....

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Simply can't be arsed today. :hmm:




Actually said that out loud last week. Sometimes arse wins out over ass.


You surely can't say 'assed' in that sentence even if you're american. Ass OK, but assed?


Yeah, assed isn't a word. Can't be arsed would probably be "Can't be fucking bothered" or "Don't give a fuck"


Arsehole is still ridiculous, but Arse in the OP sentence and as an ejaculation, it kinda works.

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