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Songs which should be rap songs


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Was thinking the other day about Joni Mitchell's song Blue. I think the lyrics would make a cracking hip-hop track. I can imagine Jay-Z doing this:


Hey Blue, there is a song for you

Ink on a pin, underneath the skin

An empty space to fill in


Well there're so many sinking now

You've got to keep thinking

You can make it through these waves


Acid, booze, and ass

Needles, guns, and grass

Lots of laughs, lots of laughs


Everybody's saying that hell's the hippest way to go

Well I don't think so

But I'm gonna take a look around it though


There must be more. Extra points if you post a video of you actually rapping. :lol:

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Maybe it's a random thought I should've kept to myself. :lol:


Honestly, though, Jay-Z's been in my head all day raping Joni Mitchell.


Now that's a thought you should have kept to yourself!

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:lol: I have confidence in you to make a success out of this thread Keef.


Here's my suggestion: 'Keep what you got' by Ian Brown. Can't post the lyrics cause I'm on my phone but I think they could make a rap song out of it.

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I think Slash, Cyprus Hill and Fergie do a decent version of Gun's "Paradise City". CH rap the verses, Fergie screams the chorus (the girl can really sing) and Slash orgasms guitar all over the track (his playing is a bit different to the original way he played it). I don't know if it counts as a rap song but it's as close as i'm getting to listening to rap.

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