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Favourite Cola


Favourite Cola  

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  1. 1. Favourite Cola

    • Coca Cola Original
    • Diet Coke
    • Coke Zero
    • Pepsi
    • Pepsi Max
    • Gay version of coke with some sort of fruit or vanilla in it.
    • Other (Specify)

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The gold caffenine free is my cola of choice. Like my DC/Zero/Max (DC & Zero are the same stuff but Zero is aimed at the bloke market).



I have a massive coke addiction I am like Westbrook in the 90's. So do quite a few people in my office & if I am in Tesco/Poundstretcher/Herons in the city centre & there is a mega bargain on I will buy a shedload & take it too my fellow addicts. Best deal atm iirc is Poundstretcher who are knocking out slabs of 24 of various Pepsi products for £4.80 & 3 ltr Diet Coke Cola is very chep as well.


Never drink the red can stuff.



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I have been sampling all the major brands recently and original coca cola is the best followed by pepsi and then pepsi max. I used to like that coke with lime in they used to do though I'm not sure if they still sell it.


I also read somewhere that while pepsi max and coke zero have no sugar which is a massive plus for obvious reasons, they do have loads of other disease causing chemicals in to compensate for the lack of sugar so you're better off with the full sugar ones in the first bloody place.


Can anyone confirm?

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Spar American Cola was always well nice. Had some recently and it'd declined a little. Virgin Cola is also good


Spar American Cola and Vanilla was ridiculously nice.


But yeah, Pepsi > CocaCola


Pepsi > Coke


Thread should've ended here. I'm a big fan of the syrupy coke you get in McDonald's etc though, so much nicer than normal coke.


I've always thought it was dead watered down when I've had it.

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