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Study: Psychedelic 'Magic Mushrooms' May Help Cancer Patients


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The psychedelic '60s might safely and purposely make a comeback, according to a controversial new study.


Researchers who carried out the pilot study claimed that one session with the drug psilocybin, a classified illegal and active ingredient in “magic mushrooms,” radically improved moods and reduced anxiety and depression for patients with advanced stage cancer.


A moderate dose of the hallucinogen was administered voluntarily to 12 terminal cancer patients who were suffering from anxiety. During the initial hours of their treatment the volunteers were encouraged to lie in bed, wear dark eye shades and listen to music, essentially to "space out." Their progress was then monitored over a six-month period using standard screening tests.


All the volunteers tolerated the treatment sessions well, without any signs of severe anxiety or a "bad trip."


The results demonstrated a substantial improvement in symptoms of anxiety and at six months recorded a statistically significant improvement on one depression scale. This outcome indicates that the study may be the first step in restoring the drug's flawed reputation from the 1960s and 1970s when it was widely abused for non-medical reasons.



Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2010/09/07/study-psychedelic-magic-mushrooms-may-help-cancer-patients/#ixzz0yraRKRU7

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Interesting, the tablets they gave my Mum when she was diagnosed as terminal (for the obvious fear you would have) changed her a great deal, they clearly aren't normal anti-depressants they use in these situations and my Mum completely changed and she realised this so she came off them and god knows how her last few months were in her mind, she always seemed reasonably happy until late on but it was clearly a facade.

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Them mushrooms gave me some great times back in the 80's.Until I took too many one Easter Monday,think it was 1988.Had a terrible trip,ending with me thinking my mate was going to carve me up with a paint roller without the foam on. :lol:


I ended up whiteying and picturing police coming to get me over his garden.He lived in a high rise flat!!I had flashbacks for years after.


Before that,when I necked them in small portions,I had nothing but uncontrollable hysterics on them,including literally pissing myself laughing when some chap told me he had pie and chips for his tea. :harry:

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