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15 minutes ago, McCormick said:

If we’re taking the MCU as canon then Captain Marvel is number 1 surely. 

*he said, stinking of axe spray*


If we go by the comics, it's easily Thor.


If we go by the MCU, it's probably Wanda.

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1 hour ago, Tomato Deuce said:

Looks promising. Still not convinced by Pattinson in the role, but we’ll see.


"Revolutionary Actor" Robert Pattinson? :lol:


I think the vibe/mood of the movie will save him, to be honest, and he'll be okay.

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16 hours ago, Decky said:


I don't feel anything :undecided: I'm sure it'll be good, but it's just a bunch of dark scenes and trailer music, got no idea what sets it apart from the other Batman's we've had. 

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4 hours ago, Papavasiliou said:


Best one so far


Yeah, at least it had some unexpected matchups.



Also, Bruce Banner absolutely crushed it with his levity throughout - definitely need more of Bruce Banner telling jokes and not hulking out. I feel like the 90-10 split of jokes-to-fighting isn't lopsided enough.


Glad we got to see a bit more action from Wasp and Ant-man. EVERYONE'S BEEN DYING TO SEE MORE OF THEM, RIGHT.


Being snarky aside, fair play for showing Scarlet Witch to be the badass she is. A timeline where Ironman is as eminently perishable as he actually is was quite refreshing too.


I have an old cool zombie marvel illustration artbook somewhere in one of my bookshelves. Might dig it out.


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16 hours ago, James said:

Todays What If is essential viewing for Beren

I’m not sold on everyone wearing those shoes and them being the height of fashion.  I’ll give it a swerve.

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Why does the Batman trailer refer to Robert Pattinson as a revolutionary actor? Have I missed something? I don’t really have much of a take on him as an actor but I’m struggling to understand what’s revolutionary about him

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