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Should I get an Xbox - Whats the best deals?


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I reccomend you to buy a PS3.


Already have one of those.


Do you use it as a BR player? If not you could trade it in for a 360. As a games machine the 360 is twice the console a PS3 is.


Toys R us are doing a 250gb 360 (new shape) with two pads and Fifa11 for £220, comes out October when the game is released, think its the 3rd.

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Grainger games is advertising pre-owned elites for £99

Tesco are selling brand new ones for £145 http://direct.tesco.com/q/R.202-8308.aspx

and argos have them for £136.99


however these are not the new shiney models with built in wifi and ultra quiet.


for those ones your looking at around £199.99 brand new.


remember though that with the xbox online stuff in order to play games over the internet you will have to subscribe to xbox live gold

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Guest Stephen927

I had both, sold my PS3 less than a year after buying it. Was pointless for me, just no time to play both and I played Uncharted and MGS4 so no real reason to hang on to it for me.

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Nobody is ever on line on the PS3 network


That and the achievements are a hollow feeling, plus the 360 pad and you have twice the console of the PS3. I have both, but my PS3 is upstairs as a 2nd BR player and media machine, then a spare console.

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there is very little differance in the machines themselves. both play games, both have good graphics and both have a online service

The PS3 falls behind with its online offering but at least you dont have to pay to play games online.

The 360 falls behind with its online offering as you have to pay to play games that you have already purchased. and the points system for purchasing DLC is a complete con. at least the PS3 the price you see is the price you pay.


There are many more players of a wider variety of games on the xbox and for you having more hockey opponents would be a good thing, but do you really want to pay around £200 to lash more people?


but I agree with TT about the achievement thingy, it doesn't sound like a big deal, but when your gamerscore is visiable to all you start wanting to beat your mates gamer score just cause you can.

This is kind of like the trophy system on PS3 but it doesn't work as well


Getting rid of your PS3 would mean not being able to have nights on the console the way we do now with 4 players on the footy.

its not a limitation of the 360 but if you did go for one it would mean that you and I are the only ones with one. and i prefer footy games on the ps3 as they feel more "right"

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Only if you've got no life and no financial responsibilities.

That told him!

Each console only have a couple of exclusive series these days, definitely not worth picking up a second console if you're happy with the one you've got.

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