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1 hour ago, Rafalove said:

Would love to do something like this, perhaps not all in one go though.

different countries would be great too.




Watched that the other day, absolute class. 

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3 hours ago, kingkerouac said:

Yeah, I like him, I watched the one where he went out and about in Saudi Arabia. Met some really friendly people.

Seemed a lot different from the big, bad Saudi Arabia that the naysayers in the media are seemingly obsessed with.

He’s done a few on dangerous neighbourhoods in the US and elsewhere as well.


Here is another fave of mine (Noel Phillips), who I watch as I’m shit scared of flying and he honestly helps me in that sense: https://youtube.com/c/inflightVideo



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I don't suppose anybody has kept a link to that radge old Newcastle fan getting wound up by Bigg Market bouncers talking about Sunderland?



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1 minute ago, InspectorCoarse said:

Starring Bugs Bunny Furedi and the remanents of the Revolutionary  Communist Party ...

I honestly haven't got a clue who the panel are, I was listening without watching, possibly drifting in and out of sleep.. It sounded like the audience were the ones with interesting points.

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