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1 hour ago, NEEJ said:

I mean, if I had to guess I would've assumed funding was cut because where was it not? Doesn't mean I can't vent about it and it doesn't mean I'm attacking the police per se. 

vent as much as you want. It was a stupid decision 

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3 hours ago, gbandit said:

Shame like, one of the few occasions I got beat up as a kid was on the metro. Was coming home with my girlfriend and was only 16. There were three older lads, maybe 18 or 19 years old, proper intense Charvs, who spent the entire journey staring at us. I got off at Monkseaton, girlfriend stayed on to Cullercoats and the lads got off with me. They followed me for a minute chatting shit, asking why I’d been staring at them the whole time and then two of them smacked me in the face a few times. Looked around to see a bunch of adults absolutely legging it and looking the other way while it was very clear that a kid was being beaten up for no reason whatsoever. Took a few hits and then went home with a black eye. My dad

was absolutely desperate to head back out with a hammer and find the lads and but my mum eventually talked him down. Not really a failing from a policing perspective but it made me realise how cowardly most people are 


I witnessed a beautifully similar thing on the metro a few years back. Last train very quiet, just me, another bloke going home from work and a young southish asian couple, then this group of 4 lads, probably early 20s, get on at Jesmond "I'd order a 69 off your lass" loads of shouting, bravado etc. One of them pulls his pants down and sticks his arse practically in the other working blokes face "are you looking at my arse....pervert!" and I'm thinking I couldnt put up with that and I'll probably take a kicking. Gets to Regent Centre and 3 go to get off dragging the trousers down one with them "Nah I'm stopping on to Kinky park, on a promise" So he stays, doors shut..............fella who had the arse in his face walks over to him and smacks him so hard, you can see his cheek just below his eye start to swell instantly as the kids mates can see whats happened as we are just pulling away.  Mr drop pants just covers up, holds his position with his arms covering his head, gets to Wansbeck roadand runs off. Had a smile on my face for days over that.

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10 minutes ago, madras said:

So, despite the RMT strike being called off on Friday afternoon, the Metro can't get its trams beyond Pelaw to South Hylton today.


Pelaw to South Shields has been shut for three months as well.

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35 minutes ago, loki679 said:

What engineering takes three months?  They'd build a metro here in that time.

Its to South Shields so involves stabilising a wormhole to get you back to 1976 one way then back to 2022 this way.

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