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Michael Shields

Colos Short and Curlies

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Who here thinks its right that M Shields has been brought back to the UK to spent the rest of his sentance at the UKs expense?


I'm assuming any appeal etc would still be directed at the Bulgarian authorities so why should he be brought back to the UK?


IF he is innocent (though I don't think he is - every bit of alibi has had holes in it) then I hope his name is cleares ASAP and he can get back on with his life. But until then he should have spent his sentance in Bulgaria.



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been hacked over a load already TBH


The consensus was that he was probably involved and stupid enough to do it in a country where the standards of justice are a bit rough and ready


As his Scouse family would probably apply to  public funds to go and visit him in Sofia its proabbly as cheap to keep him here and then the Brit Embassy can get on with their real jobs

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