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Football Quiz - Fotballkortbaluba


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I'm bored at work and doing a footballquiz, and need some help from you guys. Do you know the name of any of the players on the picture?



I Have been working on this quiz about a week now. If you like to try it check out: http://www.fotballkortbaluba.com/ The pictures are from Fotballkortbaluba 2.




yeah L.Perez is the first one.


2. Karel Poporsky

6. Mohamed Kallon

11. Emmanuel Olisadabe

13. Etchaverry, Bolivia, WC94??

14. Mohammed Zidan

18. Could be Paulo Almeida of Porto



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Number 9 could be Rufete who used to play for Valencia with the likes of Mendieta, Angloma, Angulo, etc.


The black and white picture could be Puskas maybe.


The dude with the daft haircut I have no idea of, but looks Brazilian to me. :lol: The other one could be Shola's dad, if not.... some player for the New York Cosmos I reckon.

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I recognise 10 but I can't remember his name either! Fuck it.


Thought it was Karl-Hienz Riedle.... but not so sure now. Think it's a German team anyway.


Rapid Vienna isn't it?


Close! :D


Not that i know of any player it could be like :lol:

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