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ipod help


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i just got a new ipod (my other 1 fukt up) so already got intunes nd that installed on the comp....



when i plug ma new ipod into ma computer nowts happening.


the computer aint recognising the ipd when i plug it into the usb port (Tried both spare ones)


any ideas why it aint getting recignised..and how to fix it?


got version 7.02.something itunes

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Sorry if it sounded like i actually had a clue what you were supposed to do, btw, cause I really don't.. I just know that it used to be a lot of bother for me, then I got a new mother board and it worked well again.


Not saying that you'll need a new or should buy one, but that it fixed it for me.

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Guest Pugwash

I have a 'Rough Guide to iPods' and the first suggestion is:


holding down (depending which generation it is)


Menu and Select




II and Menu


for about ten seconds, or until the apple logo appears.


If that don't work, connect it to your computer, keep on pressing the hold switch on and off, and then try the above again.


I'm just the messenger, by the way.

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Does your ipod start charging when it's plugged into the computer? If no, then press menu or play or whatever, until it starts charging. Then itunes should load up.


If it is already doing that, then plug it in and try closing and reopening itunes. That's the way I got mine to work recently. Hope this helps.

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