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KK - "Pardew Won't See A Penny Of It"

Crumpy Gunt

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I'll be the first one to say that the Messiah should just shut up on this matter.


No point in commenting on whether he will or won't to be honest. In the end everyone will only know whats true in the end of august.

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I tell you what will happen. We got 30m for Carroll plus 5m add ons right? Well forget the add on's, that won't be counted for a start.


- 5m For contract of Tiote (even if he's sold)

- 5m For contract of Carver + other players (Barton, Nolan and maybe Enrique)

- 10m on transfers with an extra 5m counted as wages.


The last 5m will be because of "over inflated prices on other targets".


Expect to see about 10m, this is the good scenario BTW.

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