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Football Manager 2011 N-O Challenge


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Would anyone be up for this? (Borrowed from another site, but adapted for N-O)


July 1st 2010 8:00am:

FIFA have announced today that Newcastle Online FC must balance their books before July 2nd or face extinction due to the increasing debt and failure to pay players wages. Chairman Quentin Crisp has not yet released any statement regarding the clubs future but is expected to comment within the next hour.



Quentin Crisp has released the following statement, "I regret to inform you all that as of July the 2nd 2010, Newcastle Online FC will no longer exist as the club has not found a buyer to relieve us of our debts. This morning I met with the club manager and players and told them all we were un-able to pay their wages once more, swiftly after all 24 players, 6 coaches, 3 scouts, 2 physios and the manager have opted out of their contracts and left the club. To all supporters of the club i can only apologise for the distress this and the last 12 months must have caused you, and i thank you all for your incredible support. NOFC may be dead in the Premier League, but it will always be a part of me, a part of you and a part of football history.



Supporters have gathered outside of the NOFC Stadium "The Forum" and are singing songs of praise for their manager and players that have left the squad today, NOFC chairman Crisp however is the victim of much abuse from the supporters claiming he has killed their club because of his greed.




NOFC have been purchased by a new board. Terms have been agreed and the club that looked to be out of business stays alive, NOFC will be looking for a new manager to completely re-shape the club from top to bottom and keep them in the top division. They have made £50,000,000 availible for transers and £1,000,000 for wages. Who will be the next manager of NOFC, can they keep them up or even go further.


Take the challenge.




You must select Avoid Relegation as season expectations.


You must not spend over £50,000,000, this is to form a whole squad and staff.


You must not use editing software.


Points are gained as follows;



1 point for every point after 38 games.

100 Bonus points for a league win.

50 Bonus points for a European place.

25 Points for every cup won.

10 Points for Runners up in a Cup Final

5 Points for Semi's



3 Points for every £1m under your initial £50m Transfer Budget

3 Points for every £100k under the initial Wage Budget.


http://www.marrsairsoft.co.uk/ZeRoE/NOFC/Home.png http://www.marrsairsoft.co.uk/ZeRoE/NOFC/Away.png http://www.marrsairsoft.co.uk/ZeRoE/NOFC/Third.png

                          Home                                                         Away                                                      Third





Download the NOFC File from here.

Extract the "Sports Interactive" Folder from the zip file, to your "Documents" Folder.

Launch game with your new database and voila!


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Im going for this now.


Edit:Having a problem with the registration of home grown players trained by the club.  Keep having to go on holiday.


Will see what I can do.

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Should also include in the rules what type of experience your manager starts with, should blatantly be the lowest experience option. Can gain an unfair advantage in signing players if you go with International experience contra Sunday League and so on.

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well a new squad put together, got some gooduns in and a few million under budget and a few hundred thousand under wage budget, ochoa was my biggest at 7.25m also got in anton ferdinand cheap enough (and is my vice captain) and took a gamble on adriano on a free, like the look of my squad and have a good feeling about this (which will probably last until the first game)

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Gonna try to do a semi-story.


The already low expectations of the NOFC faithful were lowered even more as the board announced they had appointed a completely unknown Norwegian as the new manager. Fans and media alike were stumped by the appointment as the man in question had no experience from management, yet the board remained standfast that they'd seen his Football Manager resume and they had full faith in him managing to convert this into real life action.


As days went by, players started to walk through the doors of The Forum once again. The first one to be announced was the transfer of the Norwegian International full back, Tom Høgli, for £1.6m. And more were to follow, not stopping until 26 new faces were present at the training ground. The transfers to attract the most attention were those of the US International Captain, Landon Donovan from LA Galaxy for a meagre £4.6m fee, and the record breaking transfer of young Brazilian striker Dentinho for £10.5m from Corinthians. Another talking point amongst the fans early on in the pre-season was who would get the number 1 jersey, there had been three goalkeepers coming in. Two 19 year olds from Sweden and Brazil respectively, and one 33 year old Peruvian International with no experience from a league outside the Peruvian premier division. Fans were divided, and many wanted the 19 year old Brazilian to get the nod.


The keeper issue resolved itself in early August though, as the manager announced that Peruvian Leao Butrón would get the Vice-Captaincy. And as no surprise Landon Donovan got the full time armband.


The Norwegian manager spent his entire transfer budget, and he bought mostly from leagues he knew well as 10 players came in from Norwegian leagues. Fans were cautiously optimistic as the team now only had an average age of 22 and the club posessed a very low wage bill, and they were looking forward to the season opener against Liverpool at Anfield, although fully expecting to get slaughtered by having not even had a full pre-season to get the players fit and playing well together. And boy, were they right, Liverpool hammered and hammered on the door, but the surprise keeper signing in Leao Butrón pulled off star save after star save, single handedly keeping the hopeless NOFC side in the game. The game finished 0-0, with NOFC barely getting a touch on the ball, and Butrón naturally got the MoM award and gave NOFC fans revitalized hope for the season to come.







Current preffered eleven:




Current preffered back-up:



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The Prem.


And what are the rules for the Jan window? Can I spend money beyond the £50m in the first season if I ship out players that's not getting a look-in and stuff like that? What are the rules regarding altering your budgets?

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The Prem.


And what are the rules for the Jan window? Can I spend money beyond the £50m in the first season if I ship out players that's not getting a look-in and stuff like that? What are the rules regarding altering your budgets?




Obviously I'm going to go in and buy a shitload of Koreans.

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