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Data Recovery


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So I thought I'd help my mam in installing Windows 7 to her laptop..


Anyway I gathered ALL of the important data that needed to be kept and stupidly cut and pasted them to a blank CD... here's the fun part.. the transfer corrupted and the CD is unreadable.. and the fucking files are gone from the desktop.. accounts, photos.. you name it.


The CD has been burned so I'm praying that most of it is on there but it refuses to be read by two CD drives, it just freezes explorer. So is there any hope of retrieving ALL of the files or am I simply fucked?

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I accidentally overwrote (?) 40GB of files on a USB stick. From what I've been able to find, a couple of free pieces of software have found them but the free versions only allow a small amount to be recovered without having to pay for a 12 month licence. I tried Dave's suggestion but it isn't finding the files.

Does anyone know of any other options or is paying for it my only option?

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Epic thread resurrection btw :thup:  I thought Clay was back for a second :(

Ah sorry :( but thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.

There were dozen of files (.pdf and .xls) all saved within a 'vault' of a piece of encryption software (La Cie) so i think it's effective one whole file. Not entirely sure to be honest but I know they aren't individual files that are visible or else I could have done them in stages.

I think Recuva was one of the ones I tried but they all have a limit of file recovery size you can before you have to buy a licence.

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