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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Spider Jerusalem

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I'd have posted one of the teaser trailers but they're all shit.


So we're not getting Assassin's Creed 3 this year, but getting the final part of Ezio's story and a bit of Altiar as well.  Found these details from Game Informer on another board.


- Ezio is looking for seals in Revelations. These seals hold the memories of Alair.

They'll allow Ezio to peek into Altair's life (just as Desmond uses Animus to peek

into his ancestors lives).

- You'll control Altair through these sequences.

- The bulk of the game is set in Constantinople which will be split into 4 huge

districts (Constantin, Beyazid, Imperial and Galata)

- You'll also visit Cappadocia

- Ezio is over 50 years old in this game

- Ezio has a new item called the hookblade which allows him to use ziplines throughout

the city. UBI says that it speeds up navigation by about 30%

- You can also use the hookblade to reach out and pull enemies in for a combo

- Ezio can now make bombs through a crafting system. UBI says that there are over 300

bomb types

- They've modified the control scheme so that circle/B will control the hookblade and

triangle/Y will control project weapons and bombs

- Eagles vision has become eagle sense. "Eagle sense let's you focus on a character and

see where he's been," Amancio says. "You'll get an approximation of where he will go.

If you're able to detect the path a guard will take, you can run ahead, set a bomb,

and create a trap or an ambush."

- They've expanded on the Borgia Towers concept in order to create a new system.

Throughout the city there are Assassin's Den's, you'll need to complete various

assault scenarios in order take down the Templar presence (UBI says that there's more

variety than in the Borgia Towers). Once you obtain a den you'll be able to upgrade

the buildings in that region along with adding ziplines across the rooftops. You'll

also be able to change the guards from being hostile to neutral.

- You can lose control of you dens as you gain notoriety. You'll be able to send your

own troops after the templars if you're unable to make it back to the specific den

that's being attacked. You can do that by making it to any of the other dens that you

currently control. You'll also be able to install a master assassin to control a

specific den and you'll never have to worry about it being taken over.

- The assassin leveling mechanic has been increased from 10 to 15

- In order to make the world more immersive they've done away with traditional side

missions in favor of random events. For example you may be traveling through a city

and notice a shop owner being robbed or a little girl asking for help

- They're using a new type of capture facial technology called Mocam that GI describes

as an "intriguing amalgamation of traditional animation, performance capture and the

fascinating new style of performance on display in games like LA Noire."

- Desmond is placed back inside Animus where he finds a safe mode called the 'Black

Room'. You'll be able to access Desmond's lost memories through that back door

- The gameplay during Desmond's game is described as narrative-fueled puzzle sequences.

"Through the manipulation and creation of geometry with the game world, Desmond seeks

to reintegrate the splintered layers of his subconscious."

- Multiplayer is returning but this time they're trying to give more focus to the

narrative since that's a big part of AC

- You'll be able to custom your character appearance and weapons as well as create




Sounds like it is getting a lot like San Andreas / Vice City stories with the concept of turf wars and tarting up your properties.  Loved the others so will probably be getting this one as well.

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Guest Rob 1988

Assassin's Creed Revelations E3 Trailer (For anyone who missed it)



Assassin's Creed Revelations Gameplay Demo (E3 2011)



can't wait for november the 15th  :celb:

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They're claiming that they'll release it for all platforms (PS3, XBOX and PC) on the same date, not sure I believe that, I fully expect the PC release date to be some time around March 2012.

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well got it and played through it (obviously after finishing Brotherhood beforehand), couple of things in which is related to Brotherhood, not fond of the only 1 city thing compared to having a bit more freedom to wander round and explore in Assassins Creed 1 and 2 and a something about the games since 1 is how easy it is to lose the guard, I adored legging it from the scene after an Assassination in no 1 as it was so bloody difficult to lose them but gave a sense of satisfaction when I eventually did lose them and made it back to base in more or less one piece, since then you turn a corner and your free and clear.


Couple more spoilery bits


The Altair bits could have been fleshed out so much more though thank christ they got a new voice actor for him who actually sounds as if he's from the area, instead of telling us he went and did interesting things like go and deal with the Mongol threat why not let us play one of them through that would have been fun to play through, also would have given us a chance to get to know his wife and kids a bit more as they're pretty much a mystery. And why only let us use his apple in the last one its miles better than Ezio's one! Overall Altair just feels an underused and underdeveloped character in comparison to Ezio in the series as a whole.


The Jannisaries are obnoxiously tough though its refreshing to actually have to do something other than sit and counter in a sword fight.


Also a bugbear carried over from Brotherhood, why did Ezio forget his stuff again. Why is he not wearing the Armour of Brutus which I assembled with difficulty in Brotherhood, why has he still not gone back to get Altair's armour from his villa a bit of rubble isn't going to damage it, it was made with knowledge from Altairs apple! Why the bloody hell did he forget to bring his crossbow and thus forcing me to pay 18000 gold for a new one! And what precisely is the point of the poison blade when theres the much more efficient and safe poison dart weapon


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On sequence 8 of this and I've got to agree with you on all of that.  The Altair levels just seemed to be pointless, short, combat missions which just seemed to be tagged on and have no real bearing on the rest of the game. 


The new things put into the game, Desmond's Journey and the Den Defence were just god-awful at best and I hope that they don't make a comeback in the next title.


My biggest problem has to be the map.  The one city thing was a disappointment in Brotherhood as one of the best things about the first two games was getting to a new city, exploring and opening up new areas.  Shockingly the map in Revelations is roughly 4/5 the size of Brotherhood (which was tiny itself compared to AC2) , but it is coupled with about 1/3 of the map being the massive river between the two parts of the city and a palace that is rarely visited.  There are 22 vantage points to scale and syncronise, but these have no variation at all and where in the previous titles would reveal areas on the map, scaling one in this would reveal new areas on the map, but this new area would have one or two other vantage points within it.  It looks as if they've crammed in an 'acceptable' number into too small a space.


This title looks like either a) nothing more than filler until AC3 next year or b) it's yet another title ruined by having multiplayer thrown in at the cost of the single player game.  Judging by the lack of DLC for the last title, and only multiplayer elements announced so far as DLC to this I am guessing on mostly b) and a bit of a).


The loss of the side missions is a bit crap as well, as the only 'random' events I've found were 'carry four crates over there' and 'beat up the wanker'.

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Desmonds Journey was alright to play through imho nicely implented puzzle wise for me but suppose its a personal thing and above all else its optional. Den Defence however........ terrible terrible idea and utterly pointless as when I inevtiably lose when they bring forward the greek fire thing I just go up call in the assassins to kill the templar captain and get it back anyway.


Another thing related to the 1 city thing is the utter lack of variance in scenery its all the same, at least in Brotherhood the different areas had a bit of a different feel like wandering around the Roman ruins compared to the city proper. Its all the same here other than the palace which is off limits most of the time

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really should put in some praise as I actually enjoyed the game, the dungeon bits getting the Masayf keys are fantastic to play through, the voice acting is excellent, the story itself is interesting enough and well told especially through seeing Ezio write letters to Claudia. Enjoyed playing round with the hook blade and the idea to make the ranged weapons usable on their own button was a good one if hard to get used to at first since i kept on trying to press the y button to synchronise.

And above all else Ezios just a likeable character (even if Desmond himself remains as dull as ever and the game could have used more of Shaun)

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Finished the story.  Agree it was still a great game with great story telling, was beautiful and very polished.  There was still one thing that was missing by the end of the story though.



In the run up to the release Ubi were talking about the convergence of Altaiar and Ezio's bloodlines, which still hasn't been resolved by the end of the story.  At the minute I would hazard a guess that Desmond's parents are the convergence (that's Des's dad at the end right?).


On the story telling aspect, I've got to admit I got a little bit of a tear in my eye during the last mission, when as old Altaiar it told you to 'take a seat and have a rest'.


Wonder if we'll find out more about the woman with the child from the 'one's that came before' end of the world vision as she got a lot of time in that cutscene - the start of the bloodline perhaps.



Looking forward to AC3 - only about 11 months to wait, but losing Ezio for dreary Desmond could be a major downgrade.

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Just finished this a few days ago, it's a bit of a rip off considering it is just AC2 Brotherhood with a new and not as sexy  location and a  few new missions. I still love the Assassin's Creed experience but there was nothing drastically new in this game mechanically or graphically. The Desmond memory missions were my favourite bit of the game and should not be missed.

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Just completed this, and it's amazing how Assassin's Creed just keeps getting better and better, it got to be one of my favorite games. The way it set out and layout of it is amazing, and the story line keeps you griped right to the end. Great game  :thup:

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