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Fixing Hard Drives?


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Basicaly my old hard drive isn't been detected by my laptop, it's a SATA 2.5" hard drive and i've got it in an enclosure (that works as i've tried it with another hard drive). It make a ticking sound every second or so, like it's reading data (but not as fast as the working drive I have tried).


Anyone know what may be the problem, whether it's software/hardware related, and how to fix it? Ta.

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I feared that like, I take it my only hope is to just take it in to a professional?


is the data that important ?? You'll be looking easily at £200 plus, that's if they can even read the drive.


there's a place near silverlink, in tyne tunnel trading est. they have done this for a company i worked for a few years ago.


It's not cheap like.

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