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Unlocking an iphone 4G?


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I have a Yank AT&T (previously networked) from when I was living there and want to unlock it so I can use it over here.




iphone 4G (4.1)

Firmware: 02.10.04


Can this be unlocked easily?


Read on some sites that because of the firmware version it might not be possible for jailbreaking too (but the info is a little old) and i'm not that tech savvy when it comes to this sort of stuff :(


Any help appreciated.

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Last time i messed about with an iphone4 that baseband wasnt unlockable yet.


The Os 4.1 is easily jailbroken, if you need any help with jb'ing drop me a pm.


Sorry for a late reply, i dont look in this section very much.


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