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Lady GaGa Resembles The Dog Chihuahua...


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...is just one of the tracks by this man: Chief Kooffreh. I stumbled across it this morning pissing about on Spotify. My mind is blown. Just look at the album sleeves:



Soldier's Christmas



Prostitute Pt. 2



Oprah Vs. Eskimo Sarah Palin



Calabar People of Nigeria (The Efiks)



Sweet Asian Girl



Africa Cries


Just a few select tracks:


* Charlie Sheen, Alcohol, Big Knife, Gold digger Women

* Miley Cyrus Big Street Fight After Smoking Big Bong

* Michael Jackson, Gold Digger Women, Racist DA, Greedy Managers, Killer Doctors

* Bad Medical People Out of Control Killed Michael Jackson and Many Other People

* Michael Jackon We Miss You

* Michael Jackon Row Your Boat

* She Will Cut Your Balls Off Big Guy

* She Will Cut Your Balls Off and Flush It QUICKLY Down THE TOILET

* Viagra WIll Cancer Your Balls

* Satan Lucifer (Prince of Darkness) Play Entire Song 7 Times Focus Your Wishes Granted (Adults Only)

* Tribute of Honour for the People of Japan and their Capital Tokyo

* Chicago People Tribal War Dance Against Ignorance, Racism, Children Killing Children and Crimes

* Alicia Keys and Shakira *****good (Download Top Song Now, Supporters, Fans) Roses for My Girl Alicia Keys


His Spotify page is an absolute mindfuck:

Chief Kooffreh


And notice I didn't mention Babatunde once. Shit.

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