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Kings of Leon tickets - face value only


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Dunno if this should go in the ticket news forum but I wasn't sure how often that gets looked at out of season.


Anyway, my missus to be and her mate are selling 2 tickets for Kings of Leon at the SoL.  They want face value ono as there's just too much on at the minute with us getting married next week.  PM me if interested and I may be able to deliver as well, within reason.


Cheers :)

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Aye I used to think they were fantastic but they've sold out big time.



I think they realised they sold out with Only By the Night and tried to rectify it by making half their new album sound vaguely like the previous album and the other half sound like shit country rock music (Back Down South aside, that's a good song).


Only listened to the album a few times but got the impression they have no idea what direction they want to go in.


People slate the Arctic Monkeys more recent stuff, and whilst I've never been a massive fan, I have a lot of time for the fact that they seem to have focus and try and step outside their comfort zones.


I used to be a big fan of KOL as well, I think I first started listening to them when I heard Red Morning Light on an old FIFA game (or FIFA Manager maybe), but I find it hard to like them now due to the fact that half the people I know had no interest in rock music until they heard these and then overnight were their biggest fans (and always had been).

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Guest Roger Kint

Everyone I know seems to be selling tickets for this. Weird.


They are s**** and their shiteness is becoming bigger every day so it isn't that weird.


That and most fair weather splitarses dont like standing in the rain

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