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Ryan Dunn


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God damn the Not Worthy of a Thread thread.


Aw man, that's fucking shit.  Met him (and a few of the others) back stage at a Steve-O 'gig' about ten years back.  The most surreal moment of my life as we were all fucked on acid.  But he stood out as the friendliest and more sociable one, whilst the fat bastard Preston Lacy (that right?) hit on one of our mates.  Who only happens to be about 3 foot tall, or small.. and by hit on, I mean harass like fuck.


RIP.  Genuinely gutted. :(


PS.  Would put money on him being pissed.

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Apparently not dead!


Was quite suspect because of previously being told Steve-o had died about 10 years ago. But the guardian are reporting it. That said, 4chan are constantly trying to do 'raids' where they try and get a false rumour about Rebecca Black being pregnant or Justin Beiber dying of a fit or something reported in the old media as fact, guess the caller claiming to be Bam's mother could have been a hoaxer. Given the pics of the car though...


Anyway, assuming it is indeed true it sucks, always seemed a good guy. Photo on his Twitter account last night showed him out on the piss mind. Two people in the car, so he may not have been driving.


EDIT: Looks like the story of him still being alive is the hoax, a jpg of a TMZ article supposedly with quotes from him saying he wasn't sorry for fooling everyone, but the actual site has no such story.

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