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Best Game On The Systems You've Owned


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Instead of an overall best game how about best game on the systems you've owned. Here's mine.


ZX Spectrum- Target Renegade  - I remember smacking women in fishnets with a pool cue.

Amiga - Sensible Soccer ahead of Speedball 2 (ice cream!) just ahead of Shadow of the Beast 2

Gameboy- Zelda Link's Awakening  - Played so much that even when the GB was turned off I swear I could hear the soundtrack in my head.

SNES - Donkey Kong Country  - for some reason I never owned Zelda or any Mario game on the SNES.

Nintendo 64 - Ocarina of Time  - Obviously.

Playstation - Final Fantasy VII  - Again, obviously. I think my playtime on this was 80-90 hours. Time well spent. Although also loved MGS.

Playstation 2 - GTA 3  - The other GTAs have been bigger but nothing beats the holy s*** I can beat up random pedestrians and change the radio station moments of the original.

GBA - Advance Wars 2  - Dangerously addictive.

Xbox 360 - Oblivion  - The feeling on freedom was brilliant. Loved sneaking into random people's houses at night and stealing stuff just because I could.

PSP - Jeanne d'Arc  - Brilliant turn based strategy game.

PS3 - Heavy Rain  - Not much choice on this one as I haven't played many PS3 games but loved the way the story path could change, the cinematic look and the feeling of tension. EDIT: Forgot about Uncharted 2 which is way better.

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NES - Super Mario Brothers 3 - Still the best SMB for me. Perfection through simplicity.


Game Boy - Pocket Monsters Red/Blue I still can't believe that a game this complex ran on the original Game Boy. What a legendary system.


SNES - Donkey Kong Country Revolutionized side-scrolling action (just in time for the genre to die a fiery death with the advent of polygons :lol:) I wasn't able to play any of the classic SNES RPGs because I had a Japanese machine and I couldn't read Japanese back then.


N64 - Ocarina of Time Next question.


Playstation - Final Fantasy 7 A cultural icon for our generation, possibly the last "great" JRPG


Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy 10 Probably the last "really good" JRPG. To this date the only video game that's made me cry.


GBA - Mario Kart Advance My only lasting memory of the GBA at this point is buying it on launch day, booting up Mario Kart, and shitting my pants thinking "you can do this on a portable system?"


NDS - Oosu! Tatakae! Ouendan! AKA Elite Beat Agents in the West. Just a ridiculously well-designed and awesome game in every way. Even somebody like me who absolutely despises music games can still love it.


GameCube - Super Smash Brothers Brawl I literally bought the GC just for this and it's the only game I played on the system.


Wii - Super Mario Galaxy Just a really, really awesome game. Brought me back when I thought I was done with Nintendo.


XBOX360 - Super Street Fighter 4 The 360 was pretty much solely a FIFA and Street Fighter system for me. Best fighting game experience I've ever had.


3DS - Ocarina of Time :razz:

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Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy 10 Probably the last "really good" JRPG. To this date the only video game that's made me cry.


When the fuck did you cry?  :lol:


I lost the ability to feel after seeing this scene




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Playstation 2 - Final Fantasy 10 Probably the last "really good" JRPG. To this date the only video game that's made me cry.


When the f*** did you cry?  :lol:


I lost the ability to feel after seeing this scene





The part in the ending where Auron says goodbye. I had serious man-love for that dude.


A lot of the character/design sensibilities in FF X were a bit too "Asian." Don't think a lot of it appealed to people in the West.

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Final Fantasy X was a mixed bag, some of the voice acting worked well whereas some of it was cringeworthy as fuck, like the above. I think voice acting generally takes a lot away from RPGs though.

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Final Fantasy X was a mixed bag, some of the voice acting worked well whereas some of it was cringeworthy as fuck, like the above. I think voice acting generally takes a lot away from RPGs though.


Should have enabled you to play the game with the original voice work. Could never watch a dubbed foreign movie and shouldn't be forced to play a dubbed video game.

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SNES: Donkey Kong Country 2 absolutely loved it brilliant game


N64: Duh Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask very close 2nd loved that game to bits


Gameboy: Tough one but going to give it to Links Awakening just ahead of Pokemon Silver awesome awesome game


Gamecube: Metroid Prime, masterpiece of a game, mention to Twilight Princess


GBA: going to give it to the rerelease of a Link to the Past just because I didn't play it on SNES and it was another utterly brilliant game


XBOX 360: Fallout 3, wow what a game, best game of the current generation imho honourable mentions to Bioshock, Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect 2


NDS: Pokemon Soulsilver just because I couldn't name Silver the best for Gameboy


(don't own it but played it a bit) Wii: Super Smash Bros Brawl love it and smashing friends into oblivion with Link is just mint

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I don't much care for the thievery, but I'll go anyway... and I'm choosing things that I know may not be the most technically amazing games, but they're the games I burnt away my youth with, and the ones I remember fondly.


Amiga - Cannon Fodder. The ability this game had to make me care so fucking much for each of my men, a death, followed by the music and ceremony, would be a sombre moment. I could really do with a new Cannon Fodder.




PS2 - MGS2, or maybe 3. I can't remember. I need to borrow/buy a PS3 and destroy MGS4 one day.


Gamecube - Mario Kart


Wii - Mario Kart


Xbox 360 - RDR


GBA - Advance Wars


PC - CM/FM Series





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Vic 20 - Omega Race

Speccy - Match Day

Amiga - Flashback

Mega Drive - EA Hockey

PC - Sensible World of Soccer

PS1 - Soul Reaver

N64 - WWF No Mercy

PS2 - GTA: Vice City

Gameboy Advance - Fire Pro Wrestling

XBOX - Halo

Gamecube - Rogue Leader

XBOX 360 - Mass Effect / Mass Effect 2

PS3 - Batman: Arkham Asylum

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NES - Metroid. I have a very vivid memory of a grade school classmate nonchalantly mentioning to us boys that Metroid was a never ending game. I remember that we all had it, and none of us had any evidence to present that would contradict this claim. Game was fucking hard.


Sega Master System - Ghostbusters. Ghostbusters was fucking awesome.


SNES - It's Chrono Trigger, but I'm going to lie and say Shadowrun. Shadowrun was fucking unbelievable. Can still hear the music.


Playstation - Tekken 2. Baek Doo San! :cheese: But I'll lie and say Bushido Blade. Toss up between the two. They both got equal time. Something to be said about Symphony of the Night, as well. People are still playing that fucking game.


Turbografx 16 - Bravoman!


Dreamcast - :lol: Fucking Shenmue. That first one was some shit. It's godawful in retrospect, but it was crazy at the time.


PS2 - Deus Ex - Fucking Hong Kong, man. Hong fucking Kong.


Xbox - Splinter Cell? I don't remember. Who the hell knows. Xbox came around in that era where I was essentially buying a game every week.


360 - Hitman: Blood Money. One of two games I will never trade in. (Ping Pong)


PC - The Longest Journey/Grim Fandango. Toss up.

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I've never owned a single Tekken. Just realized that. We used to designate. I would buy Bushido Blade, my friend would get Tekken.


When I was a kid, it was my job to get Nintendo games, and my friend would get Genesis shit.

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Spectrum - Jet Pac

Amiga - Cannon Fodder

PS2 - Grand Theft Auto III

XBox - Knights Of The Old Republic - First one - gaming perfection.

360 - COD 4 - Again gaming perfection.

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Gameboy - Tetris

SNES - Mario All Stars/Donkey Kong Country

N64 - Mario 64


PS2 - Wasn't much into gaming when I owned 3 PS2's but I'll have to go with one of the SSX games.

Xbox - Halo 2

Xbox 360 - Gears of War

PS3 - Demon's Souls

PC - Starcraft II


Shit list and it could actually change from hour to hour depending on my mood.. loads of great games I've probably forgotten about :undecided: Would have been easier to do 20 games per console.

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Here's mine;


ZX Spectrum - Some side scrolling ATV thing where you drove a bike/quad over ramps and stuff. Can't remember the name, maybe it was called ATV.


NES - Super Mario 3. Didn't own the console myself but had an american friend in first school who did. Was round there all the time playing it. I remember he brought it back from America with him ages before it came out over here. Was like looking into the future.


Master System - Probably Super Monaco GP. Spent ages on this, looking back it was probably a shit game though.


Mega Drive - Favourite is Streets of Rage 2 but spent the most time playing my brother on EA's NHLPA (before they got the NHL licence) Hockey '93. Still my favourite Ice Hockey game.


PC- Champ Manager. Probably CM2, maybe the 95/96 version. I could play that game for 8 hours a day during school holidays easy. I prefer the earlier versions of Champ Manager before they started over complicating it. Yeah it was pretty easy but it was fun.


N64 - Ocarina of Time. No explanation needed.


Dreamcast - Shenmue. That was a mental game looking back on it. You actually had to do boring work to earn money and stuff. Still at the time the graphics and open world were amazing. Crazy Taxi was class too.


PS2 - Probably Metal Gear Solid 2 or one of the Pro Evos. Spent so much time playing Pro Evo man, mostly against Local Shop. GTA Vice City was amazing as well.


Gamecube - Star Wars Rogue Leader I guess. Never played that much of my Gamecube. Wind Waker was good but never finished it.


PSP - Lumines. Basically sat in the UMD slot for years. Great puzzle game.


Xbox 360 - Tough one cos I've played more games on my 360 that most of my over consoles put together. I'll go with Mass Effect 2. Also have loved MW2, Read Dead, GTA 4 and the FIFAs.


PS3 - Uncharted 2 definitely. My favourite game this gen. Can't wait for Uncharted 3.


3DS - Ocarina of Time. Can't believe how well this game has held up. Was worried that playing through it again would ruin the memories I had of the N64 version but I'm enjoying it just as much this time round.

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Nintendo : Super Mario 3 - no contest. The megamans were cool also.

Game Boy : Super Wario Land

Super Nintendo - Zelda -  Link to the past

PS1 - Suikoden/WildArms/Breath of fire3/ff7. can't split them.

Ps2 - god of war1+2

PS3 - Assassins Creed 2+brotherhood.

GameCube - Paper Mario

N64 - GoldenEye or Ocarina of time. both ridiculously good.

PC : Half Life. no contest.

XBOX 360 - Gears of war1+2.

Xbox - Psychonauts. Fable good also.




WII : Wii sports/bowling :D good after a late night out!

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GameCube - Paper Mario


:thup: Great call, forgot all about GC and Wii :)


(forgot about the wii myself.. )



Paper Mario has to be one of the most underrated games ever, never heard much love for it. Could because of the gamecube come to think of it... :)

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