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TV through Projector

Belfast Boy

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Ok, I am bound to ramble a bit here but I will try my best to explain the problem.

I send my sky all through the house on the coaxial ariel (ie whatever is on downstairs can be viewed in any room).

I have now purchased an LG AH215 projector for the bedroom. This doesn't have any tv tuner built in so needs to be used alongside a set top box. I have bought an HD one which connects via an HDMI cable, giving me a decent enough picture of the freeview channels. The picture isnt great, especially in bad weather and the channels are limited. Is there any way to view the sky channel?

I am thinking if I put a dvd player in the room with the coaxial ariel into that and connect that to the projector some way then would that give me an AV channel?


Is there a dvd player with built in tv tuner so I can do without a set top box? ie tv aerial in, hdmi out.

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Guest neesy111

Wouldn't most DVD Recorders have a built in tuner? Likely a freeview tuner. i'm nee expert mind.


Normal TV tuner Yes, most likely will accept connections via scart cable IIRC.

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