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Westboro Baptist Church - Video - Infuriating!


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Love how she was using an iphone to read the bible  :facepalm:


Even better was the fact she argued that that technology was developed so that Westboro Baptist Church could tell the world that god hates fags.


Tbh, I'm more frustrated with the fact that these cunts continue to get air time. I know that they're contraversial and all, and that they put themselves out there to deliberately irritate people, but this lot should just be ignored. It's hardly as though the criticism they'll induce will affect them anyways.

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The Tyra Banks clip is interesting,  she asks them what they like doing outside of the WBC, they start talking normally then the lou mouth cow pipes up.



That younger lass is quite clearly confused like.


And I remember watching that Louis Theroux programme a few years ago, remember thinking the main daughter (I'm guessing she's the middle one on the couch in that Tyra video) seemed fairly normal at times, and then she would just spout these mental views which have clearly been ingrained into her head by her mental parents.

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