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X Factor - Are you watching ?

Guest Amanda

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Is anyone watching X Factor.  There is a good chance that Leona could be the first female to ever win.  Think she is good, like Mariah Carey in vocal range.  When she started she was very shy and did not seem to realise her star quality, which was refreshing compared to the wannabees with a fraction of talent who think they are already stars. 


Ben sounds like Rod Stewart, he is ok but I find it funny that he sounds the same no matter what he sings and yet Ray gets told the same ever week.  The young lad who sings the 50's songs.  Simon said he could not see how he would get a recording contract and you have to say he is right.  It would be hard to promote a CD of songs like that. 


The MacDonald Brothers are pleasant enough, when they start walking about on stage it is exactly that, walking about.  Singing very average.  People are voting for them because Simon hates them and they feel sorry for them. 

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